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Luck is an illusion.

Mindset is Everything demonstrates the fact that your mind matters in goal achievement. Firstly, you need a target to aim for. Secondly, you need a game plan that will lead you in the direction of your target. Lastly, you need to be able to follow through with your game plan to be able to hit your target. This book is your guide to unlimited fulfillment. Whether you’re a tortoise or a hare, this book will get you there!

This book will use real life practical solutions that demonstrate how to persevere in times when you are discouraged or when things don’t go according to the game plan. Life is complicated and will present challenges that you need to be able to adapt to. In taking control of your mindset which is internal, you can control what happens externally in the environment presented to you.

What I’ve discovered through my ongoing research in personal development is that most people don’t have a target to aim for, which leaves them uncertain towards what they truly want from their life. The author uses what he calls “Mindset Psychology” to demonstrate that when an incentive is high enough to hit a target, we will find a way to do so. This disproving the myth that luck is real.


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"Grab your fire extinguishers because I'm ready to light it up."


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     1. Connor has spoken with some of the worlds top leaders within the personal development industry: Richard Branson, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Jack Canfield, Sean Stephanson, Brendon Burchard, Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, Ryan Blair, Mike Dooley, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Alex Morton, and Mark Lack. Hes witnessed other greats live such as: Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Seth Godin. 

   2. Connor is a decorated speaker having spoken to thousands as part of the Nationally recognized speaker Bureau "The Big Idea Speakers" and offers an unconventional and “non-recycled” approach to the personal development field. He speaks on topics such as: How to motivate and communicate to millennials in the workforce. How mindset is everything. How to distiguish yourself in today's competitive workforce. He has been featured on CTV News, CBC Radio, 91.7 Kicx fm, and has a number of articles written about him.   

  4.  At only 24 years old, Connor is the President and CEO of the sales and consulting company LA Roqk Enterprises. He has multiple contracts to go in and speak to small businesses and consult with individuals on how to sell, communicate, and ultimately thrive in any situation. His focus is on the internal factors which will affect how someone will react in the external environment.

 5. Connor is the host of the online television show 'Life on the Rocques' which interviews high-performing individuals, with a focus on: innovation, entrepreneurship, and motivation.

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About the Author

Connor is a recent graduate student who studied Law at Laurentian University. Connor is the President and CEO of the sales and consulting firm called LA Roqk Enterprises which gets hired to sell different promotions as an outbound sales company. He is currently running 3 different contracts with over 8 people working for his company. LA Roqk Enterprises had the privledge to service a contract on Wall Street in NYC working with The Synergy Global Forum and it's B2B Sales Executives in a Sales Lead Position to sell tickets for the Madison Square Garden Theatre.

LaRocque is a sales a millennial sales expert, specializing within a niche market going into small businesses teaching them how to effectively communicate, motivate, and sell to millennials. Being the Co-founder of SocialRiseRevenue Marketing Agency, he is highly effective in the branding, marketing, and helping people advertise through social media which in turn will convert into more exposure and money for your business.

Coinciding with his soon to be published third book, LaRocque teaches what he calls "Mindset Psychology." This theory demonstrates that you don't have to be backed up against the wall or be put into extreme situations to enter into a peak state of mind. This theory teaches that in order to effectively “program ourselves” this is done through an immersion process and constant repetition. His theory is known as being a cross between Neuro-linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on steroids. His ideas were developed from competing and training with high-intensity competitors (as a national level kickboxer) in Martial Arts and Hockey. This is also fueled by his extensive research within the field of personal development and psychology over the last seven years (which is exemplified through his two published books) and his years of customer service and sales experience at TD Bank.

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"Everyone told me that I was crazy, that I needed to slow down, that I was to unrealistic. Now those same people are asking me how I did it..."